Truth Lite

Prestwood’s Truth® Financial Planning Software is used by some of the best Financial Planners in the Institute of Financial Planning. This tool is a ‘lite’ version of the main Truth program, designed to help introduce you to the concept of ‘lifelong cash flow modelling’.

By entering details of your income, outgoings, assets, and liabilities, you can build a picture of your current financial situation. Then enter your anticipated future income and expenditure for the life you want to enjoy in years to come.

The software puts all of this information together and produces a dramatic picture which spells out the reality of your financial future. Suddenly you can see it, understand it, and believe it - because it’s based solely on the information you gave.

You may then wish to contact a Financial Planner who uses the full version of Truth software. They can help you to model realistic scenarios, demonstrating the possible effects of your financial decisions. Truth allows you to you plan accurately for retirement, inheritance tax, educational fees, catastrophes, health care, and much more.

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